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School Council

Welcome to the School Council Page - where our student voice is shared and heard

Who are we?



We are an elected group of students who care about our school and community.  Our peers democratically vote for us at the start of each school year.

What do we do and how are we similar to Parliament?

Ruby from year 5 says:

'In Parliament everyone has their own right to speak, and share their own opinion.  Our School Council is the same as Parliament because everyone can make their own decision . We also listen to what everyone’s saying so, we can take ideas from them.  In Parliament there is The Speaker who makes sure everyone gets a turn to speak and that people listen.  As School Councillors we have to listen to each other, and take it in turns to speak.'

Laura in year 6 says:
'When The Government wants to propose a new law or raise taxes, the initiative needs to be checked and approved or rejected by Parliament. Therefore, In the same way, that Parliament has to check on The Government, The School Council is the body of our school and is in charge of checking, evaluating, and giving approval to any new initiatives proposed by any of the teachers or by the community.'

School Council - Main Events / Recent History
In 2017 our structure was 1 boy and 1 girl from each class but in 2018 we changed that to one child of either gender as we realised that in the 'real' world we vote for who we think will be the best regardless of if they are a boy or a girl!

Over the last few years our group have had some really interesting experiences:
•    Visiting the Houses of Parliament.
•    Mayoral / crown court Service at All Saints.
•    Helping to chose the winners of the school poster litter picking competition.
•    Receiving our MP (2018) Mr Zac Goldsmith as a visitor to the School.
•    Providing feedback to the school leaders and governors about lunches, playtime sports and learning.
•    Arranging an Introduction to UK Parliament Assembly for the whole school.
•    Working with the NSPCC on the speak out stay safe campaign.
•    Creating a film reel on ‘Respecting school property’ ; written and presented at assembly by the School Council.
•    Designing the St Agatha's 125th birthday menu and helping decide on special feast day workshops for the whole school.