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School Vision

St Agatha’s School Vision

To nurture children’s holistic development, guided by catholic values in partnership with parents and the community.

We provide a learning environment where children feel safe, respected and supported. We celebrate curiosity, participation, progress and good behaviour. The teaching and learning, that is both inspiring and engaging, prepares children for their next phase/stage of their education whilst developing skills for life. We are all committed to developing our talents and being ready to embrace challenges. All members of the community work together connecting us and making us stronger.

Learning to Learn Attitudes:

  • Resourcefulness – to ask questions, be curious, see connections, use imagination and look for opportunities for further learning;
  • Respect – to show consideration for the feelings and rights of others and to respect my culture and the culture and beliefs of others;
  • Reflection – to take the time to think about learning, plan ahead and adapt those plans to meet challenges;
  • Relationships – to contribute to and draw strength from a team, respecting each individual;
  • Risk taking – to be willing to take risks in learning and personal development in order to achieve a desired result;
  • Resilience – to learn from mistakes, not give up and be absorbed in learning.

Behaviours that we promote: 

  • Focus on academic progress and personal development;
  • Strive for continuous improvement and the development of talents;
  • Embrace challenges;
  • Work in partnership to find solutions and positive outcomes;
  • Offer our talents to the service of the community;
  • Be proud of the school and the community.