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School Glossary

Welcome to St Agatha’s School, we hope that the following information is of assistance to you as you and your child settle in to our school community.  

School Glossary

Class Assemblies - Reception to Y6 classes hold a class assembly in the hall during the year to which all parents from that class are warmly welcome.

Class Reps - One or two parents from each class volunteer to be class reps each year and they liaise between the rest of the parents in the class and the class teacher.  

End of Half Term - School closes at the normal time of 3.15pm on the last day before any half term.

End of Term - School closes at 2pm on the last day of term i.e. before the Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays and all children need to be collected at this time.

INSET – This is a training day for school staff. Staff will be in school but the school is closed to children on that day. 

Mufti Days - These are usually fundraising days when children come to school in their own clothes. Sometimes there is a theme e.g. PE mufti day, but other times they can just wear their own choice of clothing.  

Parent Council – This is a forum for the exchange of information between representatives from the Governing Body, the School Leadership Team and Parents.  The council get together at school once or twice a term and meetings include parent Governor/s, the Headteacher and/or the Deputy Headteacher and a Class Rep from each class.  

Parent Teacher Consultations - We have two consultations during the year, one in the Autumn term and one in the Spring term. These provide an opportunity for you to discuss your child’s progress and areas for further development with your child's teacher. The appointments are for 10 minutes and can be booked online closer to the date.   

Prayer Services - Nursery, Reception and Y1 hold a class prayer service once a year in their classroom to which parents are invited to attend.  

Primary School Stages 
Different stages of primary schooling: 
Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) = Nursery and Reception 
Key Stage 1 (KS1) = Year 1 & Year 2 
Key Stage 2 (KS2) = Year 3 to Year 6

School Clubs - Children from Y1 upwards have access to a wide variety of school clubs to which they can sign up, offered by different providers at a range of prices and durations. The list of clubs is available on the website where parents can also download booking forms. We hold a Club Fair during the first week of the Autumn and Spring terms, where parents can meet all the club providers and sign up for different activities. Alternatively, parents can leave sealed addressed envelopes at the school office, containing booking forms and payment, which will be passed on to the club providers. If you wish to continue with the same club you have to book again each term. Clubs may take place before school, at lunchtime and after school.

School Council - Two children from each KS2 class are elected by their peers to sit on the School Council together with the Assistant Headteacher. This helps the children to begin to understand a bit more about the democratic process, learn about teamwork and to make a positive contribution to the school. They work with a small budget and can identify and prioritise improvements they would like to make to the school. They have, for example, made decisions about charities they wish to support and have written letters and organised fund raising days.

PSA - When a child joins St Agatha’s school, their parents are automatically members of the PSA (Parent and Staff Association). The PSA organises many events, some for fundraising and some for fun!  

St Agatha’s Day - Children are expected in school on St Agatha’s Day. The whole school attends Mass and the children take part in activities related to St Agatha. It is not a school holiday.  

Other Useful Information 

Email - please ensure the office has your up-to-date email at all times as all newsletters and other information is sent by email.   

Website - this is an important source of information. Home and school learning sheets are shared here and the home learning sheets will have important dates for your year group.   

Health and Safety - if an event is taking place in the school for more than one class then generally buggies are not allowed in. This is to ensure that there is a safe exit from the hall or classroom at all times.