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School Development

At St Agatha’s we believe that all children thrive in an environment in which they are happy, challenged and secure. Our aim is always to provide the best education and experience for pupils throughout their time at our school. 

Each year the Governors and Senior Leadership Team write a School Development Plan which identifies the key areas of focus for our school. These areas are identified through analysis of the progress our children make, evaluation of school strengths and identification of key areas to further develop. 

The development plan is in constant use by both staff and governors, in order to monitor and evaluate progress against identified priorities. Day to day monitoring of the school development plan is the responsibility of the Headteacher together with the Senior Leadership Team and teaching staff. 

The Governing Body receives regular reports on progress and contributes to the monitoring process through school visits and committee meetings. At the end of the year, judgements are made about whether a target has been achieved, whether further work is needed to consolidate improvement or whether a different set of actions is required. 

PRIORITIES: School Development Plan 2023-2024:

Quality of Education

  • Embed the school’s approach to the teaching of phonics, with a focus on further developing provision for the lowest 20% of readers in KS2.
  • Further develop the whole school approach to the teaching of writing with a focus on authentic purposes for children’s writing.
  • Through an understanding of pedagogy and QFT, enable all teachers to consistently meet the needs of all children.  

Behaviour and attitudes 

  • Implement the school’s newly developed approach to behaviour management, based on building positive relationships.
  • Improve attendance and punctuality of children and eradicate attendance which falls below 90%. 

Leadership and management 

  • Support subject leaders to ensure the curriculum is in place and to assure how effectively it is taught.  
  • Ensure the effectiveness of the new leadership structure on school improvement and outcomes. 

Personal development 

  • Support children to develop the knowledge and skills to be safe online.


  • Evaluate and further develop engaging outdoor activities with a focus on science, maths and physical development for children in nursery and reception classes.
  • Evaluate and further develop high quality dialogue within the early years.