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School Council

Welcome to the School Council Page - where our student voice is shared and heard.

Congratulations to the following pupils who have been voted on to this year's school council 2022-2023.

Year 6 Flamingos - Viggo Pelicans - Sonny
Year 5 Swans - Elodie Herons - Raphael
Year 4 Eagles - Noah Kestrels - Yeva
Year 3 Swifts - Romeo Swallows - Casey
Year 2 Kingfishers - Isabel Doves - Deeana

School Council Update:

School Council - Main Events / Recent History

In 2017 our structure was 1 boy and 1 girl from each class but in 2018 we changed that to one child of either gender as we realised that in the 'real' world we vote for who we think will be the best regardless of if they are a boy or a girl!

Over the last few years our group have had some really interesting experiences:

  • Visiting the Houses of Parliament.
  • Mayoral / crown court Service at All Saints.
  • Helping to chose the winners of the school poster litter picking competition.
  • Receiving our MP (2018) Mr Zac Goldsmith as a visitor to the School.
  • Providing feedback to the school leaders and governors about lunches, playtime sports and learning.
  • Arranging an Introduction to UK Parliament Assembly for the whole school.
  • Working with the NSPCC on the speak out stay safe campaign.
  • Creating a film reel on ‘Respecting school property’ ; written and presented at assembly by the School Council.
  • Designing the St Agatha's 125th birthday menu and helping decide on special feast day workshops for the whole school.