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Reception Information 2023-24

Please see the tables below for an outline of this year's curriculum for Reception. For further information, Home Learning and a copy of the Knowledge Organiser, please access your child's Teams account. 

Communication and Language

Commenting on their interest and asking questions 
Engaging with adult through storytelling and role play  
Nursery rhymes and song

Nativity re-enactment 
Topic vocabulary  
Expressing our feelings and emotions
Singing rhymes and songs. Poetry

Quality Text Owl Babies;
We're Going on a Bear Hunt;
In Every House, on Every Street;
Mr Gumpy's Outing;
Leaf Man
Floella Benjamin - Coming To England.
What Do Machines Do all Day?;
Machine Poems;
Car, Car, Truck, Jeep;
Mrs. Armitage, Queen of the Road;
No-Bot, the Robot with No Bottom;
Burglar Bill

Word reading;
Writing (Early mark making)
Introduce phonemes
Phonics Little Wandle Term 1 Phase 2

Word reading;
Letter family long ladders.  
Phonics Little Wandle Term 2 Phase 2 - decoding

Religious Education (RE)

God's World
God cares for us;
Respond to things God created;  
Helping God to care for the world;
The way, the truth and the Life

God's Family
God's gifts to us
Helping others
God's greatest gift - Birth of Jesus
Physical Education Gross motor skills;
PE - The Bear Hunt. Moving to the story, showing an awareness of space. Under, over, through, climbing, negotiating space. Hopping, skipping, jumping- changing direction.
Fine motor skills; cutting and making marks in the sand. Using knives/forks/spoons in the lunch hall. Manipulating malleable materials - baking bread.

Gross motor skills; PE
Climbing, balance and core strength.
Using large apparatus.
Using the body to make shapes, showing an awareness of space and themselves in space.
Fine motor skills - handling tools, scissors, rolling pins, knives, forks, spoons to chop vegetables for pumpkin soup, and access Art and DT.


Subitising - using the dice
Ordering and counting up to number 5

Cardinality of numbers to 10
Ordering numbers to 10
Number bonds to 5
Understanding the World People, culture and communities; The natural world. Science/Geography -Autumn.
An autumn walk, observing change. Science/DT baking bread.
Celebrating Harvest. Festival.
Geography - People and Communities. 
Talking about my house/street and local area. Geography - Drawing maps and discussing journeys.
International Day - Ghana. Compare and contrast. Black History - Floella Benjamin story.
Science/Geography -Planting bulbs. People, culture and communities.
Vehicles and transport, emergency services.
Science/DT - Pumpkin soup. Observing change. Celebrating the festival of Fireworks.
History - Who is Guy Fawkes?
Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PHSE) Being me in my world
Identifying feelings and emotions
Class rules and routines
Kind hands
Celebrating differences
Everyone is different 
What am I good at?
Expressive Art and Design Collage - Owl Babies
Portraits - Painting our faces, skin tones and using mirrors.
3D Art/DT making mini-me dolls using wooden spoons.
Primary colours - messy monster mixing. Autumn trees leaf printing. Artist - Turner landscapes with trees.
Voice songs. Music sessions. Learning our names, sing and respond.
Exploring colour - Firework splatter pictures.
Collage - Burglar Bill
DT - 3D models of Fire Engines.
Clay - 3D Tea lights
Nativity performance.


Communication and Language

Stories and rhymes
Topic vocabulary
Asking questions
Talking about families

Spring vocabulary 
Traditional tales and story re-enactment
Rhymes and songs

Quality Text The Tiger who came to Tea;
Rosie's Hat;
Once There Were Giants;
Major Glad, Major Dizzy;
Coming to England
The Gigantic Turnip;
Jack and the Beanstalk; 
Jasper's Beanstalk;
Little Red Hen;
Rosie's Walk 

Word reading;
Encourage formal writing and informal writing
Handwriting - One-armed robots
Phonics Little Wandle Phase 3 and longer words

Word reading; 
Encourage formal and informal writing
Handwriting - Curly caterpillars.
Phonics Little Wandle Phase 3 graphemes, word endings, compound words.

Religious Education (RE) Getting To know Jesus;
Think of ways to show love for Jesus.
Think of ways to show love for people who are ill.
Sorrow and Joy;
How to be kind to each other
How to say sorry
To understand forgiveness
To share what we have
Physical Education Gross motor skills;
Dance - Magic Toys dance. Moving to music, putting together a sequence of movement. Walking , skipping, hopping, jumping, showing an awareness of space and changing direction.
Fine motor skills - handling tools. Chopsticks, pencils, scissors, knives, forks, spoons,

Gross Motor skills; Gymnastics.
Become confident in moving by jumping, sliding and rolling and balancing. Practise safe landing. Jogging, skipping, hopping, jumping and changing direction.
Fine motor skills - handling tools. Pencils, scissors, knives, forks, spoons.


Number bonds to 7, 8, 9, 10
Cardinality and ordering numbers to 10
Numbers to 10

Cardinality and Ordering numbers to 15
More and less
Number facts, doubling
Money, Time - O'clock

Understanding the World Past and present; A timeline of your history from Birth to Now. Looking at artefacts - Old toys. Old and new toys. Comparing objects from the past to the present. Science/Geography The natural world - Ice investigations and changing state. Science/Geography -observing the trees during winter. People and communities - The Lunar New Year Celebrations. Science/Geography The natural world, a spring walk, looking for signs of spring.
The natural world. Planting beans and seeds. Observing and recording growth.
Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PHSE) Dreams and goals
Persevere to tackle challenges
Never giving up
Setting a goal to work towards
Obstacles and support - encouraging each other to achieve our goals
Aspirations, what do I want to do in the future?
Healthy me
Healthy bodies need exercise
I know which foods are healthy and making healthy choices
Understanding why we need to sleep
Keeping clean and handwashing
Stranger Danger
Expressive Art and Design Winter trees.
Artist - Turner landscapes of winter trees
Mixed media painting landscapes/charcoal/materials from outdoors.
Drawing and painting old and new toys. DT- Making a kite. Magic Toys dance - moving to music. Music sessions with Music specialist.
Moving to the pulse.
Observational drawings of blossom or seeds using pastels. Manipulating materials by cutting/ tearing/ripping/twisting/scrunching to make a beanstalk. Making Mother's Day cards. Moving to music Jack and the Beanstalk. Music sessions with Music specialist. Individual singing and listening skills. 
Communication and Language Minibeast and animal kingdom vocabulary. Performing a prayer service. Poetry, songs and Rhymes,

Coast and marine life vocabulary  

Talking about holidays and journeys

Transition feelings 

Reciting poetry

Quality Text Dear Zoo;
A first book of Animals;
Monkey Puzzle;
Little Red and The very Hungry Lion;
Hello Hello;
Handa's Hen
Who's Hiding at the Seaside?;
Somebody swallowed Stanley;
Lucy and Tom at the Seaside;
Tiddler ;
Clem and Crab;
The Night Pirates


Word reading; 
Sentence Writing 
Handwriting - Zig Zag monsters. 
Phonics Little Wandle  -  Phase 4


Word reading; 
Sentence writing;
Handwriting - Capital letters.
Phonics Little Wandle - Phase 4

Religious Education (RE) New Life
Easter Joy and new life
Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene
The special gift of joy and peace
The Ascension
The church
Visit the church
Learn that the church is a holy place
What will you find in the church?
Exploring the beliefs of others
Physical Education Gross motor skills;- Games Throwing, catching, dribbling, bats and balls.
Fine motor skills- handling tools

Gross motor skills; Athletics Throwing, catching, agility ladders, balancing, football dribbling, jumping. Running, skipping, hopping, jumping. Fine motor skills - handling tools.


Cardinality and ordering numbers to 20.
Reviewing numbers to 10. 
Addition, number bonds, problem solving

Writing numbers reviewing

numbers to 20

Number bonds using the part, part, whole model.
Using the rekenreks transition to Y1.

Understanding the World Science/Geography
The natural world. Understanding animals and their young including domestic pets.
Understanding what animals need to survive. Endangered animals and habitats. Geography Compare and contrast - Safari animals with domestic animals. Looking at maps of Africa.
Geography/Science The natural word. Animal life and plant life at the beach.
Oceans and marine life. Rockpools. Science -Floating and Sinking Past and Present. Lucy and Tom at the seaside. Then and now compare and contrast. DT -Preparing food for a farewell picnic.
Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PHSE) Relationships.
Friends and communities. Ten/Tenresources.
Changing me. Me, My body, My health; Life cycles and growing up. Delivered through Ten/Ten resources.
Expressive Art and Design Farm animal pictures based on A squash and a Squeeze. Looking at the art style of Axel Scheffler. Ink and watercolours. Art/DT Making Safari animal masks with paint looking at spots, stripes and zigzags. Moving to music - The Three Little Pigs. Music sessions with a music specialist. Faster and slower.  On the beach. Seascapes. Artist - Van Gogh Watercolours and pudding paint. For horizon and texture ofsea. Coloured tissue and matchsticks for boats. Critique of work.. Music sessions with a music specialist. Loud and quiet.