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Parent Council

What is Parent Council?

This is a forum for the exchange of information between representatives from the Governing Body, the School Leadership Team and Parents. 

How Often Does the Council Meet?

At school once or twice a term, usually on a Friday afternoon

Who Attends the Parent Council Meetings?

The two Parent Governors, the Head Teacher and/or the Deputy Head Teacher and a Class Rep from each class.  From time to time other members of staff such as Key Stage or Subject Leaders may attend and in the absence of the Class Rep another parent  from that class can be asked to attend in their place.  Occasionally pupils from the School Council join the meeting.

What Sort of Things Are Discussed?

For an idea of items up for discussion please refer to minutes from previous Parent Council minutes.  The School Leadership has the opportunity to update parents with new developments, initiatives and successes, as well as new challenges facing the school.  Parents are able to raise points for discussion affecting all or groups of pupils at the school and offer feedback to the Leadership Team.  Parents with issues specific to their own children are reminded to discuss these in the first instance with their class teacher.

Parent Council provides a great opportunity to share the results of the annual Parent Survey.  In April this year over 160 parents responded to the school’s survey.  The overwhelming finding was one of positive feedback and sentiment from a large majority of parents.  Parents’ responses and comments on the Survey help the School Leadership prioritise areas for development and these are incorporated into the school’s annual IDP (Institutional Development Plan)

Who Sets the Agenda?

Usually, around a week before the meeting, the Parent Governors will ask the Head and Deputy Head Teacher and Parents via the Class Reps to forward any agenda items for discussion.

What Happens After the Meetings?

Minutes of the meeting are circulated to all attendees, Class Reps, Governors  and are made available to all.  Any actions are followed up at subsequent meetings.  We would encourage you to have a look at the minutes for a better insight into the workings of the school and to see some of the ways in which the needs of the pupils at the school are being addressed. 

Want to Get Involved?

If you have something you would like discussed at the next Parent Council meeting, or you would like to attend a Parent Council Meeting, please contact your Class Rep or one of your Parent Governors.