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Multilingual Learners

Helping children learn: Guidance for parents of pupils who are new to English

whose first language is not English may wonder how they can fit into school life.  At St Agatha's, we value the culture and diversity that every family can bring to our school community.  We see multilingualism as an asset and we recognise that with cultural diversity comes wide ranging funds of knowledge.    

Here are some short guides for parents about how to get involved in school life and to help your child to learn.  They are available in the 22 most commonly used first languages in UK schools on the Bell Foundation website. All 22 languages can be found here and there are some examples below:

Support for Parents New to Learning English

Learn English at Home (LEAH) is a charity based in Kingston that supports people who have English as an additional language. The charity aims to give non-English speakers the skills to build confidence to take a more active role in their communities and to improve their health and well-being.