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10. How are pupils with SEND included in school life with pupils who do not have SEND beyond the day to day curriculum?

We are committed to ensuring that our SEND pupils have the opportunity to join in with all the activities of the school. We aim for all children to be included in all after school clubs as well as on school trips and we provide the necessary level of support to ensure this is possible. A risk assessment is carried out before any off-site activity takes place, in order to ensure the health and safety of everyone and the school works closely with parents/carers to ensure individual needs are met. In the unlikely event that it is considered unsafe for a child to take part in an activity, alternative arrangements will be made in consultation with parents/carers. For a comprehensive list of the clubs on offer at St. Agatha’s, please see our clubs page.

If you have concerns regarding the inclusion of your child in one of our clubs or a day/residential trip, please speak to the class teacher or contact our SENCOs.