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St Agatha's Catholic

Primary School

Learning Together in God's Love

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Our Faith

The life of St Agatha’s School is centred on our Catholic faith, in which we proclaim the Gospel values such as love, peace and justice, which influence all our activities and relationships.


We value and encourage the uniqueness of each child and recognise that everyone has a positive contribution to make to the life of the school community.


We value worshipping and celebrating together, sharing our Christian witness and building upon the foundations already established at home where parents are the first educators of their children.


We aim to:

  • Encourage the spiritual development and prayer life of each child and help them to develop their relationship with God
  • Offer a place where differences and problems are talked through and prayed through together and where success is shared and celebrated
  • Provide a secure and happy environment where quality teaching and learning can take place
  • Deliver a curriculum that meets the intellectual, physical and creative needs of each child as well as delivering spiritual, emotional and pastoral care
  • Foster respect for, and recognise the rights of, others regardless of gender, race or ability and to offer equal opportunities to all
  • Value the contribution of home, school, parish, community and diocese in our daily lives






Reflecting on School Values

We would all agree that we want out children to grow up with good values, morals, and ethics. We also know that values need to be both modelled to children and taught explicitly. Throughout this school year we will be spending time thinking carefully about the values that are important to us at St Agatha's School.

Please see below to find out more about the values that the children will be exploring each month.


March - Perseverance
Perseverance is the ability to work through challenges. Having perseverance means that when you face a challenge, you use your mind and your body to overcome it. It is important to realise however, that the definition of perseverance is not “don’t give up no matter what” or “never quit". Instead, perseverance is the ability to do our best towards a goal, even though it may be a big challenge. 
During March, we will be exploring this concept of perseverance with the children and helping them to relate it to their own recent experiences. 
December - Inclusiveness 
How do we help our children to internalize the values that underlie decisions about their actions so that they both develop a strong sense of themselves as an individual but also themselves as belonging to a wider community? Promoting connectedness and inclusion in school and the home is critical in keeping children safe and supporting all children to thrive. As we prepare for this special period in the Catholic Church, we will use the Christmas Story to illustrate and reinforce the learning. 
November - Compassion
Children learn compassion through many experiences, including such things as caring for a family pet. Children who participate in programs that teach kindness, respect, empathy and compassion and who have families that reinforce those strengths at home develop into civically engaged adolescents with civic identities that last a lifetime.
During November, we will be exploring the value of ‘compassion’ through a range of activities such as considering the ‘Compassion of Saints’, discussing examples of kind deeds within our communities and thinking about how each of us can show compassion within our own lives.
October - Hard Work
Throughout October we will be considering how there is great value in hard work. How it teaches perseverance, persistence, and determination and that hard work does pays off. It teaches us to push through when times are tough. We will be exploring this concept with the children and will be helping them to develop an understanding that not everything in life comes easily. This will be done through considering the achievements of personalities in the world of sport, science and politics.  
September - Courage

During the month of September, we will be asking the children to consider that courage isn’t just about an heroic act but that it is also about becoming our ‘best selves’. Courage might manifest itself as a brave act but most of the time courage is quieter. It is welcoming a new child to our school, speaking out when a friend is being teased or perhaps expressing an opinion that you hold. We ask that you find opportunities, within your daily family life, to recognise and celebrate acts of courage.