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English National Opera Project

During their class music lessons, Herons and Swans took part in a project to finish an operatic piece for The English National Opera. After sending the two finished pieces of work, Coral by Swans class and Emerald Green by Herons, Mrs Rodgers was delighted to receive the following email from the ENO:

We are delighted to let you know that your Finish This… submission Coral by Swans Class has been chosen to be made into an animation. Our team listened to all the submissions and made a shortlist of our favourites and then Omar Shahryar, composer of Blue, Red, Yellow had the difficult job of making the final decision on which 15 pieces should be put forward to be animated.

Omar provided the following feedback to share with your class:

I like the inventiveness of the vocal composition and the way the voices were accompanied so carefully.

Our team were also super impressed by your other submission - Emerald Green - and wanted to share the following feedback: We love the way you explored Christmas, and your piece had nice clear sections moving through different ideas.

Please click on the link below to watch the animation.

St Agatha's Catholic Primary | Swans | Coral | Finish This... 2023-24 | ENO - YouTube