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Year 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics

Year 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics

Kingston Grammar School


18 children from year 5/6 were chosen to represent the school in several sports hall athletics events in which they competed against 5 other schools. The children competed in jumping, throwing and running events.


Despite being very successful and winning several of the events St Agatha's unfortunately finished in 6th place. A confusion over the venue meant St Agatha's missed the first few events, meaning they were always playing catch up!

However, the children should be extremely proud of their efforts and all competed exceptionally well!

Team:  Lauren W, Calos, Lauren B, Zaccaria, Freddie, Lola, Alfie, George, Julia, Nahia, Kyron, Monty, Megan, Rafael, Cian, Giorgia, Ella