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  • Choir Spring Concert

    Published 28/03/24

    Well done to our fabulous St Agatha’s School Choir who ended the term with their Spring Concert.

    The evening began with the Choir singing the action song Hand Jive, followed by a lilting Skye Boat Song. Then, the audience was entertained with some wonderful solo performances on piano, guitar, violin, trumpet, voice and cello. Well done to our talented soloists. The concert ended with everyone singing Rio Grande in two parts.

    The Choir is looking forward to a well deserved rest and will be back rehearsing at 8am on Tuesday 16th April in preparation for the highlight of their Choral Year, The Festival of Primary School Choirs at The Rose Theatre on Wednesday 19th June.  

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  • Oscar Romero Award Trust Mass

    Published 25/03/24

    St Agatha’s Catholic Primary School was invited to attend a very special mass at St George’s Cathedral in London. Our school has been recognised as demonstrating a commitment to Catholic Social Teaching and has therefore been awarded the participator level of The Oscar Romero Award.
    The Year 6 RE ambassadors represented the school as they proudly received the certificate presented to them by the Archbishop of Southwark. All the children, who attended the Mass, were very excited about meeting the Archbishop who delivered an excellent homily sharing St Oscar Romero’s values. They enjoyed visiting the Saint Oscar Romero shrine and finding out more about him.

    What an honour for St Agatha's to visit such an impressive cathedral. 


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  • Netball - Kingston Borough Knockouts

    Published 20/03/24

    Massive congratulations to the Year 5/6 netballers who were beaten into second place in the Kingston Borough knock-out competition by worthy winners Christchurch New Malden. The team played their hearts out, showed superb sportsmanship and never stopped trying.

    The final score certainly does not reflect how close the game was and how every ball was fought for - it was a thrilling match. 
    Well done you did yourselves and St Agatha's proud.

    St Agatha's 7:15 Chistchurch New Malden

    Lauren B, Eleanora, Bella, William, Theo, Isabelle, Niamh, Maxwell

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  • Growing in Reception

    Published 20/03/24

    In Reception we have been observing growth. 

    We planted some broad beans 3 weeks ago.  Look how they have grown.  Every week we draw and label the changes that we see.

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  • Science in Year 6

    Published 18/03/24

    Year 6 have been investigating batteries this week and making them out of lemons, potatoes, salt water and soda solutions.  They discovered that the potato produced the highest voltage, but they think this was because the potatoes used were so much larger than the lemons.  They will definitely need to complete some further investigations to prove this theory. They were surprised that the 3 cells produced the same amount of voltage as an AA battery.

    " Thumbs up for more experiments - we learn so much more."

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  • Year 1 - Taxi Visit

    Published 12/03/24

    Pupils in Year 1 enjoyed a special visit from a black taxi and driver. The children enjoyed exploring inside the taxi and had plenty of questions for the taxi driver. Our thanks to him for giving up his time to visit Year 1.

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  • English National Opera Project

    Published 12/03/24

    During their class music lessons, Herons and Swans took part in a project to finish an operatic piece for The English National Opera. After sending the two finished pieces of work, Coral by Swans class and Emerald Green by Herons, Mrs Rodgers was delighted to receive the following email from the ENO:

    We are delighted to let you know that your Finish This… submission Coral by Swans Class has been chosen to be made into an animation. Our team listened to all the submissions and made a shortlist of our favourites and then Omar Shahryar, composer of Blue, Red, Yellow had the difficult job of making the final decision on which 15 pieces should be put forward to be animated.

    Omar provided the following feedback to share with your class:

    I like the inventiveness of the vocal composition and the way the voices were accompanied so carefully.

    Our team were also super impressed by your other submission - Emerald Green - and wanted to share the following feedback: We love the way you explored Christmas, and your piece had nice clear sections moving through different ideas.

    Please click on the link below to watch the animation.

    St Agatha's Catholic Primary | Swans | Coral | Finish This... 2023-24 | ENO - YouTube

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  • Playtime in Nursery

    Published 01/03/24

    Nursery have shown brilliant investigation, exploration and creative skills this week when choosing to play with the brand new water area in our outdoor provision.

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  • St Agatha's Feast Day

    Published 22/02/24

    St Agatha’s Feast Day Mass was followed by an opportunity for all children to celebrate our school’s saint day back in class. Please take a moment to look at the wonderful artwork produced by the children.


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  • National Gallery Year 6 Trip

    Published 21/02/24

    Year 6 enjoyed a fantastic trip to the National Gallery on Monday to explore the use of colour within paintings and to see many of the Impressionist masterpieces they have studied.   

    The children's engagement and knowledge was praised by the gallery guides and we were fortunate enough to see many London landmarks along the walk to Trafalgar Square: Houses of Parliament, London Eye and Nelson's Column.


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  • Mission Together Service

    Published 20/02/24

    On Thursday 25th January, Mrs Cahill and some Year 6 pupils attended a special ‘Mission Together’ service at St Theodore’s Church, Hampton. Mission Together is the children’s branch of the Pope’s charity for world mission.

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  • Lunar New Year

    Published 09/02/24

    As part of well-being week and to support our learning about Lunar New Year, we invited Museed, a Chinese chamber music group to perform for us.  It was a fantastic opportunity to hear traditional music and learn about the instruments, may of which we had not seen before.  Some of the children were even invited to join the group and perform.  Thank you Museed!

    Best wishes to all our school families who celebrate Lunar New Year.

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