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There are a number of definitions of bullying but most have three things in common:

· it is deliberately hurtful behaviour

· it is repeated often over a period of time

· it is difficult for those being bullied to defend themselves


Bullying can be experienced by both boys and girls.  All children have a right to be able to come to school free of fear. Bullying denies the child this basic right as well as one of our basic Catholic beliefs, that of the dignity of every human person as "an image of God". Bullying is unacceptable behaviour in this school.

The four main types of bullying are:

· PHYSICAL - hitting, kicking and taking belongings

· VERBAL - name-calling, insulting and racist remarks

· INDIRECT - spreading nasty stories about someone, excluding someone from social groups

· CYBER - the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages or images of an intimidating or threatening nature. The actions are deliberate, repeated and hostile, intended to arm another.


Other types of bullying include rude gestures, intimidation and extortion e.g. taking someone's sweets or crisps, forcing others to do things they don't want to, deliberately damaging someone's school work or equipment. A bully's weapons include threat and fear.


Direct action will be taken by staff when bullying occurs. This action should take place within a context that reminds all pupils that bullying behaviour in the school is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. As a Catholic school, we have a clear identity as a place of 'Pastoral action' in educating the Christian person.

Advice for pupils

The following points are an important part of our anti bullying policy:

· When someone is being bullied, take action. Watching and doing nothing can suggest support for the bully.

· Pupils should inform an adult immediately if they do not wish to become involved themselves.

· Do not accept bullying within your social/peer group.

· It is the behaviour of the bully which is unacceptable. We need to know who the bullies are so that we can help them.


Charter of Rights for Pupils

I have a right:

· to come to school without fear

· to stand up for myself if I am being bullied

· to a classroom that is clean and tidy

· to voice opinions through the school council

· to go to a teacher and be listened to

· to be judged equally no matter which gender, race or belief


For more information about bullying or for further help and support click on the link below.