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Physical Education (PE)

At St Agatha's School we believe that PE plays an essential role in young children's lives. Our commitment to promoting PE has led to us achieving a Gold Kite Mark Award for the past two years for the quality of PE, extra-curricular sports’ clubs and participation in competitive events.

As well as improving your child’s physical health it also improves their mental wellbeing and the high quality physical education that we provide promotes fitness and positive attitudes. PE also encourages personal and social skills, such as self-confidence, leadership and an understanding of the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle.

Your child will learn the fundamentals of physical education such as hand and foot-eye co-ordination, fine and gross motor skills, teamwork skills and problem solving. These will be learnt through both indoor activities of dance, gymnastics and circuit training and also through outdoor games including Tennis, Football, Rugby, Netball, Hockey, Cricket, Rounder's, Basketball and Athletics. Please see the school PE curriculum for more information.

As a school we attend up to 40 sporting competitions each academic year, competing in the wide range of sports and individual pursuits listed in our curriculum. These include borough competitions, festivals, as well as fixtures against other schools.

Year 6 Swimming Competency 2017-2018

Useful Links and Resources
- an active dance and education website, fun to try at home!

Following our continuing achievements in PE, we are pleased to announce that once again, we have been awarded with a Gold Kitemark Award for PE provision at St Agatha's. This covers curriculum PE, extra curricular PE, inter and intra events, leadership opportunities for children and inclusive provision for all children. Well done and thank you to all children and staff involved in PE this year! 


 PE Timetable

Please note that this timetable may change due to weather or other considerations so PE kits should be kept in school at all times - only taken home for the holidays to wash.

 Class  Monday Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday
 Robins Outdoor Outdoor Outdoor Outdoor Indoor
 Sparrows Outdoor Outdoor Outdoor Indoor
 Larks Indoor   Outdoor 
 Hummingbirds Indoor  Outdoor  
 Doves Indoor   Outdoor 
 Kingfishers  Indoor  Outdoor 
 Swifts   Outdoor Indoor 
 Swallows   Outdoor Indoor 
 Eagles  Indoor   Outdoor
 Kestrels   Indoor  Outdoor
 Herons  Indoor
 Swans   Outdoor Indoor   
 Pelicans    Outdoor Indoor
 Flamingos    Outdoor Indoor

PE Curriculum Overview

Reception Physical development – Moving and handling: children show good control and co-ordination in large and small movements. They move confidently in a range of ways, safely negotiating space. They handle equipment and tools effectively. 
Health and self-care: children know the importance for good health of physical exercise, and healthy diet and talk about ways to keep healthy and safe.
 Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
Y1 IndoorDanceDanceGymGymDanceGym
Y1 OutdoorThrowing with accuracyTeam games with equipmentFoot-eye coordinationHand-eye coordinationAthleticsAthletics
Y2 IndoorGymGymDanceDanceGymnGym
Y2 OutdoorGames & racket skills (Tennis)FootballHockeyCircuit TrainingBasketballAthletics
Y3 IndoorGymGymDanceDanceCircuit TrainingCircuit Training
Y3 OutdoorInvasion Games/ OrienteeringTennisRugbyRugbyStriking & FieldingAthletics
Y4 IndoorGym   Gym  YogaDanceDanceCircuit Training
Y4 OutdoorFootballBasketballCircuit TrainingOrienteering & Problem SolvingRounders / SwimmingAthletics
Y5 IndoorGym   Gym  Gym  DanceDanceDance
Y5 OutdoorRugbyNetballHockeyCircuit TrainingAFLAthletics
Y6 IndoorGym   Gym   Circuit TrainingDanceDanceCircuit Training
Y6 OutdoorNetballFootballBasketballCricketTennisAthletics