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Class Saints

At St. Agatha's, each class has their own class saint that they research and learn about in more detail.  On the class's saint's feast day, the children are able to wear mufti to celebrate their saint.

 Class Saints Name Feast Day
 YN St Therese of Lisieux - Patron of Missions - 'Little Flower' 01 October
 Robins (YR)  St Anne - Patron Saint of Mothers and Grandparents  26 July

 Sparrows (YR)

 St Vitus - Patron Saint Epileptics, Dancers and Actors 15 June
 Hummingbirds (Y1) St John Bosco - Patron Saint of School Children and Young People 31 January
 Larks (Y1) St Cecilia - Patron Saint of Music 22 November
 Doves (Y2) St Veronica - Patron Saint of Photographers and Film Makers 12 July
 Kingfishers (Y2) St Nicholas - Patron Saint of Children 06 December
 Swallows (Y3) St Florian - Patron Saint of Poland and in Austria for Firefighters 04 May
 Swifts (Y3) St Clare - Patron Saint of Television 11 August
 Kestrels (Y4) St Catharine of Bologna - Patron Saint of Art 09 March
 Eagles (Y4) St Philip Neri - Patron Saint of Happiness 26 May
 Herons (Y5) St John the Apostle - Patron Saint of Friendship  27 December
 Swans (Y5) St Lawrence - Patron Saint of the Poor 10 August
 Storks (Y6) St Peter - Patron of Fisherman, Net Makers and Ship Builders 29 June
 Flamingos (Y6) St Honorius - Patron Saint of Cake Makers and Confectioners  09 January
 Pelicans (Y6) St Rita - Patron Saint of Impossible Cases 22 May
 Office  St Joseph the Worker 01 May